PTSU (rewards $0.1) (closed)

Started by magneticwebdesigns 2020-02-25 at 06:35
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PTSU Description
1. Register under my link
2. complete minimum 1 survey
3. Send me your username and your screenshot proof link
Your ptsu rewards will be approved ASAP, if the 3 steps are completed.

you can find My PTSU here :
PTSU Title: GPT - $ 1 Min Payout!

i will try make slot available everyday or make unlimited slot but No VPN and No Cheat please
for any question about the site or other please ask me here..
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i am intrested. but normally in my case surveys say it is not match for you.
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yes, on all GPt site survey defending on profil match.
and i'am sorry, this PTSU closed now..