OffersBux Officially Launched!
Published on 14-01-2019

Hello Dear  Members,

During the Pre-Launch phase, we reviewed our site and made some changes. Firstly, thank you for your understanding 

Based to research and reviews, we decided to our site is ready for Officially Launch 

Please check our TOS and FAQ for more information 

What did we do in this Pre-Launch process?

 We added new Offerwalls and we have 16 Active Wall on OffersBux 

 We added new Payment Options and we have 9 Active Option on OffersBux 

* Please check our Withdrawal Rules before requesting payment 

 We added Offerwalls Contest 
* You can earn up to 30% of your earnings 

 We added LeaderBoard 

 We tried to make our Advertising prices more lower  Advertise with OffersBux 
* Renewal Feature have been added to the Rotate4All links. It provides double gain if you advertise with us 

 We created our Facebook Page to improve communication 

 And we made countless changes and bug fixes with your support 

 I sad to say; Daily Bonus is fixed to $0.01 with 10 click rule.
* Url Shortener sites are not accepting PTC sites. So, we didn't get payment from them. With this situation, we eliminate these sites and fixing the Daily Bonus to a more appropriate amount 

Thank you for your support 
Let's win together 

Monthly Offerwalls Contest
Published on 07-01-2019

Hello Dear  Members,

I am glad to announce that; Monthly Offerwalls Contest started today! 

You can earn up to 30% of your earnings based on your Offerwall activity 
For example: If you earn $100 and won this contest, $30 will be added to your main balance 

Here is the prizes:

1st - 30% of Earnings (Main Balance)
2nd - 25% of Earnings (Main Balance)
3rd - 20% of Earnings (Main Balance)
4th - 15% of Earnings (Main Balance)
5th - 10% of Earnings (Main Balance)
6th - 5% of Earnings (Main Balance)
7th - 5% of Earnings (Main Balance)
8th - 5% of Earnings (Main Balance)
9th - 5% of Earnings (Main Balance)
10th - 5% of Earnings (Main Balance)

So, let's begin 
You can check this contest from here: Offerwalls Contest

* This contest starts on 7 January 2019 and ends on 7 February 2019(Server Time: 23:59)

NetBusinessRating (NBR) Promotion!
Published on 26-12-2018

Hello Dear  Members,

To promote our site, we want to make promotions on different platforms 
We are starting from NetBusinessRating(NBR) 

Post your Payment Proofs on NBR and you will be earn $0.05 Purchase Balance for each your Payment Proof! 

You can share your old proofs again. Please inform us from here after sharing 
Click Here to Reach Review of OffersBux

Let's make  Legit! 

* This promotion is valid for a limited time.

Earn Cashout Points by Posting Payment Proofs
Published on 21-12-2018

Hello Dear  Members,

You can earn Cashout Points by sharing your Payment Proofs on EMS, NBR and Other Forums(Max 5 Forums) 

eMoneySpace - 50 Cashout Points 
NetBusinessRating - 50 Cashout Points  
Other Forums - 10 Cashout Points 

Let us know your proof sharing here with link. We can check them and add your points.

Best Regards,
 Team - Ufuko

SolveMedia is Activated!
Published on 11-12-2018

Hello Dear Members,

There is lots of Bot users on our site and we are getting lots of Bot attacks. Therefore, SolveMedia is activated for more security.

Feel free to let us know your thoughts 
Thank you for your patience 

Best Regards,
OffersBux Team - Ufuko