OffersBux Updates v2 (18 April 2019)
Published on 18-04-2019

Hello Dear  Members,

Let me inform you about some updates 


Live Banner has been added

We have added Live Banner function on our site.

You can find these Banners on here:

They looks like this:


Anti Cheat Ad has been added

We have added Anti Cheat Ad. Be aware and don't click this Ad.
Our system keeps logging of people who click on this Ad. 

Anti Cheat Ad looks like this:

* From now on, who click this ad 3 times will receive a 3 day temporary suspension. Your account may be completely suspended if continue after you 3 day punishment.


MoreTvTime has been removed for 1-2 weeks

As we said before, MoreTvTime is NOT under our control. They are just an earning option like other Offerwalls. We can't control them.

MoreTvTime informed some updates. They will not work about 1 or 2 weeks. So, we removed them and when they fixed their issues, we will add them again.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best Regards,

Annoying PopAds Removed
Published on 06-04-2019

Hello Dear  Members,

Annoying PopAds have been removed. Currently showing 1 popup ad per day with each IP with PopCash. As you know, most PTC sites have popup ads which are a good source of income. We have removed these ads because our users are uncomfortable. If we can get yield and continue without loss, there will be no need to add it again. 

Your opinions are valuable because we can only survive with your support 

Best Regards,

 Team - Ufuko

OffersBux Updates!
Published on 21-03-2019

Hello Dear  Members,

Our site continues to grow with your support  We are trying to make  more profitable to be worthy of this support 

I would like to inform you about the changes and additions we made 


Direct Referral Revenues Increased 
We have increased DR earnings by 100% 

Standard Member DR Earnings: 10% to 20%
Premium Member DR Earnings: 20% to 40%

What are you waiting for? Tell your friends to be your DR  

You can check our Upgrade Page: Here

Also, check our Special Packages: Here

* Hurry up to buy Premium Membership and don't miss the appropriate prices 


Security Pin Added 

We care about your safety. For this reason, Security Pin has been added to our website. You can see it on Personal Settings and Withdraw sections 


Fixed Ads and Cheaper Advertising Prices 

We have added Fixed Ads

Fixed Ads - 5 Seconds = $0.0003
Fixed Ads - 10 Seconds = $0.0005

In general, we lowered advertising prices. We are trying to offer the best prices as a PTC site.
You can check Fixed Ads and Advertising prices on our Advertise section: Here 

* All members who viewing your Ad are real. We take all necessary measures to prevent the Bots and Auto Clickers. We have powerful Anti-Cheat filters.

3rd Monthly Offerwalls Contest Started 

We have started our 3rd Monthly Offerwalls Contest 
You can check this contest and earn up to 30% of your earnings 

Contest Page: Here
Forum Information: Here


We have increased the Daily Bonus to $0.02 again  

We have added Best Paid function to Payment Proofs 

We are working on Multi Language feature for OffersBux 

We continue our work to add more Offerwall 

Follow us 

Offerwalls Contest #2 - Results
Published on 15-03-2019

Hello Dear  Members,

Here is the Offerwalls Contest #2 Results:
Offerwalls Contest #2

Congratulations to Winners 

Prizes have been added to accounts 
Thanks for your attention 

Our next contest will be launched soon 

Offerwalls Contest #2
Published on 13-02-2019

Hello Dear  Members,

I am glad to announce that; our 2nd Monthly Offerwalls Contest started today! 

You can earn up to 30% of your earnings based on your Offerwall activity 
For example: If you earn $100 and won this contest, $30 will be added to your main balance 

Here is the prizes:

1st - 30% of Earnings (Main Balance)
2nd - 20% of Earnings (Main Balance)
3rd - 15% of Earnings (Main Balance)
4th - 10% of Earnings (Main Balance)
5th - 10% of Earnings (Main Balance)
6th - 9% of Earnings (Main Balance)
7th - 8% of Earnings (Main Balance)
8th - 7% of Earnings (Main Balance)
9th - 6% of Earnings (Main Balance)
10th - 5% of Earnings (Main Balance)

So, let's begin 
You can check this contest from here: Offerwalls Contest

* This contest starts on 11 February 2019 and ends on 13 March 2019(Server Time: 23:59)