FaucetPay is Available!
Published on 24-01-2021

Hello Dear  Members,

We have added new payment option for Deposits and Withdrawals. Please check it below.


 Minimum withdrawal request should be $0.10
 No Fee
* You should write your FaucetPay Mail

Clean Offerwall Pages
Published on 10-07-2020

In order not to disturb our members, all ads have been removed from the Offerwall sections which are the main purpose of our site. You will no longer encounter advertising on the pages opened within the Offerwalls menu 

OffersBux Updates v3 (8 July 2020)
Published on 08-07-2020

Hello Dear  Members,

I want to inform you about updates/changes 

@@@@@ PayPal Situation @@@@@

As you know, we have been paying with the PayPal processor for a while and we have not had any problems. The reason for this is that I am currently in USA and I can use PayPal easily. But now, I will return to Turkey and PayPal does not serve in Turkey. That's why we will remove PayPal option within 1 week.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding.

@@@@@ Loyal Membership @@@@@

We are working on a new type of membership. This membership will be given free of charge to those who use our site regularly. This new membership will have more referral earnings in general and will have some benefits in various fields compared to normal membership.

If you meet any of conditions below, submit your application request here. Check the Earnings Table page to check the benefits of this membership.

  • If your Total Offerwall Earnings more than $20
  • If you have more than 50 Referrals which at least 10 of them active.
  • If your DR earnings are more than $10

If you meet any of these conditions, you can apply 

@@@@@ PTP Promote Rates @@@@@

PTP Promote section has been active for a long time in order to earn extra income for you and our site. However, we cannot sell enough advertising credits in this section, we cannot get profit. For this reason, PTP Promote rates will be halved soon. PTP Surf section will remain at the same rate. It is announced to those who use or intend to use it.

@@@@@ Cheating on Offerwall @@@@@

Dozens of members attempt to cheat with offerwalls every day. The accounts of members who attempt to cheat are closed without warning. Do not waste your time and our time. Despite the precautions we have taken, unfortunately, there may be things we missed and you are damaging the site. We are trying to pay for our users by keeping this site active for almost 2 years. Please, do not disrespect the labor of so many people. The members acting in this way are damaging the system and if we cannot make a profit, we cannot keep the site standing, do not do this...

Finally, we try to offer as much earnings as we can. If you have suggestions or uncomfortable situations about the site, you can report here 

Best Regards,
 - Ufuko


OffersBux Advertising Improved!
Published on 01-04-2020

Hello Dear  Members,

I am glad to announce that, we have improved our advertising feature 
All PTC and Fixed Ads will now open with a new window. So, you can advertise any kind of site even like Facebook or YouTube 
For efficiency, advertising times are double now 

Also we arranged the PTC earnings and you can earn 2x more than before  

Continue to follow us 

 - Ufuko

TheoremReach added!
Published on 26-02-2020


We have added TheoremReach to increase your earning ways 

This Offerwall gives consolation prize even if you are eliminated after starting the survey. However, cheating attempts are not accepted. Therefore, this offerwall only open for allowed members.

If you get a warning when you enter the page, you can request access from here or through a support ticket.


 - Ufuko

OffersBux is mobile compatible now!
Published on 05-02-2020

Hello Dear  Members,

We were aware that there was a problem with mobile devices due to the design of our site and we have completed the related studies.
We are happy to announce that our site is now mobile compatible 

The problems experienced in the past will disappear. You can use our site with mobile devices by clearing your browser cookies 

 - Ufuko

PayPal has been added!
Published on 03-01-2020

Hello Dear  Members,

PayPal has been added to our site. However as you know, PayPal is not like PTC sites and many site have encountered PayPal account blocking. Therefore, we are currently under test progress and can be removed from the site when it necessary. For your information.

PayPal minimum withdraw limit is $5 and Fee can be deduct from your payment amount (5% + $0.30)

Please check our Withdrawal Rules to get more information

Best Regards,
 - Ufuko

OffersBux 1 Year Old !
Published on 06-12-2019

OffersBux 1 Year Old !

Hello Dear  Members,

A year has been passed since we opened this topic: Welcome to OffersBux!

So today, OffersBux has been online for 1 year! We would like to thank you, our esteemed members, who have always been with us 

We have some gifts to celebrate this beautiful development

 Top 15 Table Earnings Increased (This bonus will be permanent)
You can gradually increase your earnings 
Please check this topic for more information: Top-15 Offerwall Bonus

 Offerwall Earnings have been increased up to +50% for 3 days.
Check Offerwalls to start earning: Offerwalls

 Members who have registered for 7 days will start with +$0.10 Main Balance.
So, this is a good opportunity to find some DRs. Call your friends now!

We will be back with many promotions and bonuses 
Nice to wish for more another years with OffersBux and our Members 

Best Regards,

Offerwalls Contest #8
Published on 05-11-2019

Hello Dear  Members,

I am glad to announce that; our 8th Monthly Offerwalls Contest started today! 

You can earn up to 30% of your earnings based on your Offerwall activity 
For example: If you earn $100 and won this contest, $30 will be added to your main balance 

Here is the prizes:

1st - 30% of Earnings (Main Balance)
2nd - 20% of Earnings (Main Balance)
3rd - 15% of Earnings (Main Balance)
4th - 10% of Earnings (Main Balance)
5th - 10% of Earnings (Main Balance)
6th - 9% of Earnings (Main Balance)
7th - 8% of Earnings (Main Balance)
8th - 7% of Earnings (Main Balance)
9th - 6% of Earnings (Main Balance)
10th - 5% of Earnings (Main Balance)

So, let's begin 
You can check this contest from here: Offerwalls Contest

* This contest starts on 4 November 2019 and ends on 5 December 2019(Server Time: 23:59)

Offerwalls Contest #7 - Results
Published on 20-10-2019

Hello Dear  Members,

Here is the Offerwalls Contest #7 Results:
Offerwalls Contest #7

Congratulations to Winners 

Prizes have been added to accounts 
Thanks for your attention 

Our next contest will be launched soon